Sports and Leisure

Úr Heimaslóð, Sögusetri Vestmannaeyja
Stökkva á: flakk, leita

Athletic activities play an immense role in the islands´ cultural life and have in fact made their name known far and wide. To most Icelanders the sport traditionally characterising the islands is “sprang”, a miniature version of cliff rappelling, now mainly practiced at Skiphellar, not far from the harbour.

The athletics of Vestmannaeyjar have always been among the finest in the country, most recently soccer and handball players. Several decades ago track and field athletics brought home several Icelandic and even European medals.

Most traditional sports have their eager followers, participants and clubs and there is reason to specifically mention golf, played here all the year round, on a fine 18 hole course set in a spectacular location chosen 2 years ago by the magazine Golf Digest among Europe´s 200 best golf courses. Many thousands visit the islands every year to participate in numerous athletic competitions and events: soccer, handball, gymnastics, swimming, basketball as well as deep sea fishing and golf.