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Actor Ólafur Ásbjörn Ottesen 1890-1921. Thanks for the information. I have with great interest read the many articles on the Ottesen family. My grandfather knew almost nothing about his father and he had no contact the his family. The only thing that I have about him is the photo of him. On the back of the photo is greeting he had written to his mother in law Helga Þorvaldsdóttir Stephensen. Another small thing is about Ólafur's sister Elsa Ásta Ottesen born 1898. It is not in Íslendingabók. But she died 1. januar 1924 in Copenhagen on Øresundshospitalet. She lived in Kronborggade 3 in Nørrebro. She was buried on Bispebjerg kirkegård. But a few years earlier she was engaged to my great grandmother Þórunn's oldest brother Þorvaldur Pálsson Stephensen 1895-1987. But they were for some reason never married. Here is the text from "Vestri":

Trúlofuð eru Þorvaldur Steph ensen frá Holti og ungfrú Ásta Ottesen, Vestmannaeyjum.

Once again thanks for the great work!

Kindest regards

Jon Stephensen, Copenhagen